A Better Look At Your Competitors

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We mentioned in a previous blog post about shopping a competitor’s business, and from spiking interest on what that entails we thought what better way to explain than a blog! Hiring a mystery shopper to shop your competition is a fun and comprehensive way to see how you compare across the board any part of the company. As we had also mentioned in a previous post, mystery shopping is eligible for just about all businesses so shopping the competition is an option for all.

So, what does that entail… well let’s say for example you own a restaurant and want to see how a local restaurant of the same food genre compares. Our shopper visits the location on a scheduled day and can take notes on price of food, quality of customer service, cleanliness of the location as well as eating utensils amongst other aspects you may want unbiased opinions on. The shopper compiles all the information into a detailed survey which is then passed on to you. From there, you can make changes where you feel necessary to give your business an edge over the competition. This applies to just about any business! Whether you offer services the retail, food, or hospitality industries, you all can benefit from knowing where you compare to other local businesses like yours. This entire process can be accomplished without the competitor knowing they are under evaluation, so the results will not be inaccurate. With so many options for people to choose from, taking advantage of any opportunity that will set your company apart is worth the small amount of time put into having a mystery shopper assist your business. We can even have a different shopper go in and shop your company to give you a side by side comparison. In times like the current, it is increasingly important to stay on top of you’re a-game to be the go-to location when people need dependable service and quality products when they need it most.

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If going above and beyond to give your company your all is something you are interested in, we will be happy to provide our custom services to assist your business in blooming into the absolute best it can be.

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