Being Shopped When You Don’t Sell

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Mystery shopping is not only for companies and businesses that provide the ability for customers to shop from like retail or grocery stores. At Six Star Solutions, we have experience surveying gyms, automotive service locations, amongst numerous other services with the focus being customer service, pricing, and quality of services provided.

                When going into a place of business that offers services rather than items, the protocol is slightly different. Our shoppers still have a list of questions and scenarios to adhere to when planning their shopping day. Most times we start with a call to see if a certain service is offered to evaluate the over the phone customer service quality and to see if any other services or deals are offered to encourage customers to come in. Once the in-person mystery shopping begins, we can further survey the ins and outs of the location. We take into consideration if the outside of the building is appealing and well organized, if the shopper was promptly and appropriately greeted upon entering, if all questions were answered appropriately with a caring attitude, and so on. Moving forward, the shopper usually focuses on the quality of service, cleanliness, customer services with all those interacted with, timeliness, in addition to any specific requests you have. Imagine the kind of detailed information fresh eyes can provide! As the owner or manager, we can add a variety of company specific questions for the shopper to analyze while shopping to give a detailed picture of their experience. The most important question to come from this is the how this benefits the company. The answer is simple: best way to bring in more business is to be the best option. With various options for potential customers to choose from, standing out from incorporating unbiased data to provide customers while making improvements in the areas needed shows the community how dedicated you are to providing top-notch customer care.

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Having mystery shopping on your side to do monthly (monthly is our typical recommendation, but we accommodate more and less frequent visits) inspections gives you the edge you need to thrive in the current economy, especially if you consider all the possibilities of having the competition shopped as well! Imagine having the one up of not only knowing where improvements are needed within your own business but knowing how to out preform those local to you.

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