Mystery Shopping During COVID-19

As more business open amidst the pandemic, businesses are working hard to continue to provide the quality customer service patrons depend on, but how are they fairing with new safety guidelines? Mystery Shoppers are here to help. (Photo Credit:

Let’s talk business. Most importantly, let’s talk how businesses are recovering from COVID-19. It is no secret the shutdown took a toll on businesses around the world. Now, with many reopening and adjusting to the current demand of social distancing, patrons wish to be assured safety standards are being taken seriously within their go-to environments. How can owners, managers, and even employees put public concerns at ease without taking attention away from the equally as important aspects of keeping a business running? We may have just the answer.

Mystery shoppers have always had their important place in the business industry not only to allow businesses to safely and respectfully scope out the competition, but also to give management a chance to ensure operations are running smoothing within their own business. For those who may not be familiar with what a mystery shopper does, let’s break it down: a third-party individual that evaluates a business based on certain criteria to help improve customer service, product marketing, and even cleanliness all while not letting on what the motives for their visit may be. See that tie in there? With COVID-19 on the rise mystery shoppers can swoop in to give honest, detailed summaries on not only the ever-important customer service, but also if the ever-evolving social distancing protocols are being maintained. Are all employees wearing masks? How about wiping down stations and tools after each use? Maintaining a six-foot distance between themselves and other individuals? Or maybe how they handle situations of other individuals not adhering to the protocols in place. We have your back! Through critical yet professional feedback, businesses and patrons can evaluate the responses from the mystery shopper to see what areas, if any, need improvement. This will ensure unbiased views are motivating the information given that may be missed during a typical inspection.

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So now you may be thinking… is this an option for my business? Of course! Here at Six Star Solutions we have shopped at bars, gyms, restaurants, hotels, car services, and retail stores to name a few. With shoppers having a wide variety of experience as well as keeping up to date on the latest safety policies, we can help take some of the load off companies and the public. Shoppers take their time discreetly making note of all positive and negative experiences they encounter to compile a comprehensive explanation of all major aspects of the company (or a friendly competitor’s company). We understand remaining open, if possible, is important to the businesses, patrons, communities, and the economy so we work hard to ensure the utmost accuracy in our surveys. With that in mind, any and all businesses can benefit from our services. Please reach out, ask questions! We will be delighted to be of assistance and further discuss how our services can benefit your company.

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