Mystery Shopping Some of the Hottest Spots in Town

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One of the hottest spots in towns, no matter where you live, tends to be bars. With that comes the need to stay up with the latest trends to keep up with each new generation that has excitedly waited for their chance to see what the hype is about. Today of social media, it has an ever-increasingly important to stay up to date with said trends to avoid quickly spreading negative impressions and reviews. One of the best aspects of mystery shopping is that shoppers pick their projects for the week, so you can have someone more familiar with the latest social scenes scoping out the upsides and areas of improvement for your business. Thus, allowing said businesses to know how to constantly improve services and presentation.

So, what does this entail? Good question! Once you submit a request for our experienced services, we schedule a mystery shopper to attend your business on a day and time unbeknown to you and your staff. This guarantees the experience will not be tampered with and the shopper can make note of what that standard of service is. The questions and products they request is tailored to your type of bar which results in a customized narrative of their encounter. Our shoppers make all attempts to give informative feedback regarding help they receive from staff as well. We encourage them to ask for help, request suggestions on food and drinks, and provide a chance to give a detailed narrative on all interactions with all employees they interacted with. Aside from the product quality and customer service evaluations, shoppers will also take time to inspect the building’s cleanliness inside and out. Are the restrooms kept up and clean? Are cups and plates spotless? How about tables and decorations, are they dust free and aesthetically appeasing? All questions cover important aspects of running a business, especially during a time that COVID-19 requires a deeper eye to cleaning detail and spatial awareness. As a community, coming together to support and boost one another can make all the difference in keeping a bar open during a time surrounding health and financial concerns. Let us be an additional resource in keeping your bar running smoothly while easing public anxiety of safety precautions.

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Allowing secret shoppers into your businesses shows a commitment to excellence and exhibits to others that standards are being upheld even when people are not watching. This will be one of the most important tools, in order to allow potential growth. No one wants to visit a bar that does not cater to them. Knowing what areas need improvement greatly facilitate a healthy and welcoming environment.

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