Shopping From Within: Is Having A Third-Party Mystery Shopper Better?

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Having someone from within your own company mystery shop and survey their findings may seem like a great idea since they know the inner workings of the business, but how can you guarantee they are giving an honest, unbiased evaluation of their coworker? That idea is like asking your grandma if she thinks you are doing a good job, of course she will say yes. It creates complications with superficial, biased survey results and puts the employee under pressure to give certain answers as to not upset anyone. They may have a friend working with them, so they give a great review when in all actuality that employee needs help with their customer service. They may fear repercussions resulting from negative feedback. With businesses in need of both positive and negative feedback, a third-party mystery shopper company provides a reliable option that can put management, employees, and customers at ease.                  

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In school we have all had to do group work, usually projects. Some even had the different task of reviewing their peers via questionnaire so the teacher knew how much work each group member contributed and how well they did said work. There may be someone in the group who you did not work as well with compared to the rest so you grade them harsher than a friend that may have not put as much effort in. You did not want to upset your friend and you had a hard time staying unbiased towards the person you did not work as well with. That is a similar idea as internal mystery shopping. It is common to think it may be easier to have someone who understands the inner workings of the business, but the information is seldom meeting the bar. On the flip side, having someone who may not frequently patron your business come in and take detailed notes on the good, bad, and ugly gives room for unlimited growth. Fresh eyes may see dust and disorganization in areas that veteran eyes miss. Customer services areas that need improvement, such as greeting or answering questions that in turn up sale a product may not be brought to light because an employee will know what is available whereas a third-party individual may not. With all these aspects in mind, third-party mystery shoppers have an enormous benefit that many companies miss out on. This will not only set you and your company apart from all other competitors, but it will also keep customers coming back for the exceptional services they receive and top-notch products you can ensure are always in stock. The best opportunity you can give your business is an outside shopper looking in. It’s worth a shot!

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