Small Businesses, Big Impacts

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                They go by many names: mom and pops stores, entrepreneur, sole trader, small enterprise, or (more commonly) small business. So many start from an idea then are launched into a full-blown business filled with blood, sweat, and tears. So much pride goes into every item or service purchased as owners work night and day behind the scene to make their business a success. These types of businesses usually have deeper connections with its customers whereas larger chains may not, but this certainly doesn’t mean mystery shopping is out of the question! When you pour so much into starting something that means so much to you, typically you will do whatever it takes to ensure it grows and blossoms into something far more amazing than you ever dreamed. That dream can be nourished with mystery shopping.

                You may be thinking… I don’t have a brick and mortar shop so I cannot possibly qualify for the additional support offered from having a shopper survey my business. Wrong! We are here to help change that thinking. Our shopper can evaluate your social media, online store, try out your customer service with questions, and even make a purchase to evaluate the shipping and item/service quality. Your next thoughts may be that it sounds like any other customer, which I don’t blame you. Here is what sets us apart: we go in with an unbiased mindset to survey far more than if the item is cute or is a service is something we are looking to hire. We have set guidelines and specific questions we keep in mind as we complete our tasks and gather feedback that can help set your business aside from anything else on the market. It could be life changing! Now, if you do have a brick and mortar store we can come in to do a deeper evaluation of cleanliness, staff professionalism and friendliness, and even attractiveness of displays to give an outsiders view of what is working wonderfully and what could benefit from improvement. Our third-party, unbiased shoppers take their tasks seriously so you and your patrons can rest assured your company is in good hands.

We understand the added struggles you may have encountered during the COVID-19 shutdowns, and we are here to lend a hand with getting you on your feet again. At Six Star Solutions, we see the hard work put into making a small business thrive and support you in all your endeavors!

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